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Shai Adam Kirshner Gerard Quotes

Age 6:

"In Real Baseball, where does the vampire stand?" Shai on paranormal monsters in professional sports. 07/13/2013

Age 5:

04/01/2013 We put up wall decorations in Shai's new room, decal stickers of planets & rocket ships.
After putting up all 9 planets, there was one extra small planet, which I put way off to the side.
Shai: What is that planet all the way up there?
Daddy: That is Zorgof. It is so far away it has not yet been discovered by man.
Shai: Has it been discovered by woman?

04/01/2013 Shai on the length of time:
Daddy: Shai, it's time to take a nap. 
Shai: How long do I have to sleep for? 
Daddy: Not long, just 1 hour. 
Shai: No, I want to sleep for only 60 minutes. 
Daddy: OK, I'll make you a deal just this once...

Age 4:

Shai on religion and who's in charge 03/2012:
Shai: "Do dogs die?"
Mommy: "All living things die."
Shai: "God doesn't die."
Mommy: "Well, I guess so."
Shai: "God is in charge of all the people, so he can't die."

"I hope my friends will be impressed with my haircut." Shai on his new look 11/2011

"Dad, when you were my age, how old were you?" Shai on Daddy's age 8/29/2011

"This is the music I've been looking for." Shai on the kicky intro music to Pop Culture Happy Hour 8/27/2011

"Saxy Micah!" Shai on Micah getting ready for the bath.
Daddy: "Do you know what that means?"
Shai: "Saxy means saxy!" 8/24/11

"He's just mowin' on everything!" Shai on Micah's eating habits. 7/11/2011

Shai: "I'm melting like an ice cube."
Mommy: "Why do you say that?"
Shai: "Because I have all this water dripping off me."
Shai on being in a hot car. 6/15/2011

Age 3:

"I wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more ice cream." Shai on dessert, 4/2/2011

"Dad, I really like your hair sty." Shai on Dad's hair, 3/29/2011

During dinner, 3/2011
Shai: "Micah is really talking up a storm."
Mom: "You're right. He is."
Shai: "He's talking up a loud storm."

Dinner preparation, 3/15/2011
Shai: "When will I be old enough to drink soda?"
Dad: "I don't know yet."
Shai: "But how many days?"
Dad: "It will be at least 365 days."
Shai: "Are you kidding!?!"

Shai at dinner, 3/9/2011
Dad: "So you are full? There's no more room?"
Shai: "There's just room for candy."

Shai: "I ate my boogers becasue that's my second breakfast." 2/11/2011

After Shai stopped crying about his dropped candy and mommy was consoling him::
Shai: "Mom, we save tears for blood."
Mommy: "That's right Shai. I'm glad you are listening to me. That makes me happy."
Long pause.....contemplating....
Shai: "I respect that."

Shai gives Daddy the smaller of the two ballons.
Daddy: "Shouldn't I get the bigger balloon because I'm bigger."
Shai: "No, I get this one."
Daddy: "What does your balloon say on it?" (It did say 'I Love You')
Shai: "It says 'No adults can have this balloon.'"

"Mom, I want to read Courage of the Blue Boy . Say it with me, Courage of the Blue Boy."

"Whatever my dears!" - Shai dismissing his parents.

Shai on Sleeping
Shai: "That's not efficient."
Mommy: "What's not efficient?"
Shai: "Sleeping."
Shai: "I'm disgusted."
Mommy: "With what?"
Shai: "Sleeping."

"I know a lot of things." - Shai on how smart he is.

Asking Shai to Change his attitude and he says: "My attitude is funny."
Daddy: "To who?"
Shai: "To Mommy and Daddy."

"I Want a cone icecream when we go to the United States of Amercida."

Daddy: "Have you worn this shirt before?"
Shai: "I was born in this shirt."

Age 2:

"Shai has a penis, Daddy has a penis, mommy has a Japanese." 3/10/2010

"Evalator" - Shai's name for elevator

"Toe-pate-toe" - Shai's name for potato

"Swibee" - Shai's name for Frisbee

"Mazagine" - Shai's name for magazine

"Mus-Cue" - Shai's name for Music

"Uh Oh Spettigetti." - Instead of Spaghetti-Os

"Goodbye someone else." Saying goodby to the gaurd whose name we didn't know. We told Shai it wasn't Phearon, but someone else.

"Forlife" - Shai's name for Floride

"Buh-bye NiaNam" - What Shai said as the plane was leaving Hanoi

"Bye Bye Boobies" - What Shai calls a Bra

"Boobie Boner" - What happens when it is cold.

"Oh my God, Money!" - Shai apparently loves money.

"Hotchalk" - See Hotcrack

"Hotcrack" - What he calls something he doesn't know the name of.

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