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Micah F. Kirshner Gerard Quotes

Age 4:

"I don't taste the pepper. Only the mint."
Micah's comments on eating peppermint.

Micah, after drawing a hand with lots of fingers
Abba: Micah, how many fingers do you have?"
Micah: Five
Abba: And how many does that guy have?
Micah: Seven. That happens sometimes."

Micah: "I took a short bath, but..., um"
Im mah: It was short but sweet?
Micah: "Immaaaah. There's no kind of bath that's sweet."

Immah: "How are you going to grow big and strong if you don't drink your milk?"
Micah: ...
Micah: "Practice."

Age 3:

"I am so not a monkey!"
Micah, on how he isn't a monkey.

"I want the air shing on." Micah asking for the air conditioner.

"Can you pig me a back ride?"

Age 2:

Micah: "Abba, le me show you the letters on your shirt."
Daddy: "What does it say?"
Micah: "No more monkeys jumping on the bed."

"His name is Rocket."
Micah on the name of our dog every time he sees him.

Daddy, while changing Micah's diaper: "Peeuw!"
Micah: "Pee-me"

"What are we waiting for?" - Micah while waiting for anything.

"Koo-Kwaak" - Not quite sure what this means, but Micah says it a lot.
Also ""Koo-Kwaak Heehaw."

"I Am" - Micah's positive response.

"No my Am" - Micah's negative response.