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Lompoul Is Cool

In an effort not to make a liar out of myself from the previous post, I’m writing an update from our weekend trip to Lompoul.

This past weekend our group of 7 adults, 2 kids and a dog made the 3-hour haul up to Lompoul, a small sandy desert a few kilometers off the road to Saint Louis. We stayed at the aptly named Le Camp de Desert.  After leaving our cars in a “guarded” parking area, we hopped aboard the 4x4 truck which took us 10 minutes across the sand to the dunes where the tent camps are located.  Each tent was equipped with foam-mattress beds on risers, carpeted floors, and an open-air bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.  While rustic, it was definitely comfortable; more glamping than camping.  

Upon arriving, we dropped our bags and headed out for the dunes. Fortunately, our friend Molly suggested we start taking pictures of us jumping in the air.  So basically all we did all weekend was try to capture a photo of all of us simultaneously jumping. This was incredibly fun.

We also did a lot of running up and then running down the sand dunes. This was also a lot of fun. Now you may be asking yourself, “How is running up steep hills in super thick sand fun?” Well, when you put it like that, it doesn’t sound all that great. But when you get to the top of a 100 foot wall of sand you have just scaled vertically, to overlook miles of white sand dunes, which contrast so perfectly with the turquoise sky, it is an exhilarating feeling. And once you catch your breath you get to run straight down said wall of sand as fast as your little legs can carry you.

Upon returning to camp the first night, we had a healthy dose of appetizers, along with an orange juice/rum cocktail.  The sun set and the cloudless sky revealed a blanket of stars.  Before the moon came up, the display was breathtaking.  We then slid into the dining tent for vegetarian soup, couscous and lamb. Our group did our best to polish off the box of wine so we wouldn’t have to carry it all the way back to Dakar. The kids went to bed, leaving the adults to chat, entertaining ourselves with funny stories until late into the night.  It was chilly in the desert with the wind blowing, and it was nice to experience the feeling of being cold. It is winter after all.

The next morning, after a small breakfast and tea, we hiked back to the dunes, this time bringing a Frisbee for more jumping entertainment.  After ample jumping pictures, disc throwing and sand drawings, it was time to head back to camp, then back to Dakar. Lompoul worked as a one-night trip, but if you have a second night to spare, it would leave lots of time for lounging in the shade.

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