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A Blog Post About Blogging

My name is Craig Gerard… and I’m a blogger. Whew. Feels pretty good to get that off my chest.  For the longest time, I didn’t consider myself a blogger.  I had a webpage which shared articles and essay which I wrote, and that webpage happened to be on the world wide interwebs… but I wasn’t a blogger.  See, when the word “BLOG” was first introduced, blogs were a stream-of-consciousness rambling, run on sentence with bad grammar and poorly selected word-choices, possibly with some spelling mistkes and maybe well thought out arguments, but for the most part, too wordy ways of expressing an opinion.  That is not what I did.  My webpage was filled with thoughtful, carefully-edited essays, which sometimes even contained research of actual data.  So I always made a strong distinction between blogging and the stories I published on my hosted website.  “What I do is not blogging,” I would insist, “because I don’t do it often enough.  See a blog needs to be updated at least once a week…” and then I would rant off excuses about why that wasn’t feasible.  I guess this is what got me re-thinking about this subject.  It has been a while since I’ve written much of anything, and I need to get back in the groove.  The writing portion of the brain is like a muscle, and when not exercised, it can atrophy.  Without a formal assignment or article to write, I naturally turned back to this website as a place to put fingers to keyboard, and reinvigorate the writing muscle. 

I realized that if I started regularly updating this webpage, it would put me dangerously close to having a blog. A blog which I would, in turn, need to update regularly.  But then I thought about the way the word “blog” has been redefined in the last few years.  There are intelligent, entertaining, well written blogs about almost any topic you may be interested in.  And followers of a blog can congregate on that bloggers Facebook page and share ideas or commiserate.  This is nothing new of course, but I was hesitant to throw my cast my line in with that crowd, probably because it means putting myself out there more than I’m comfortable with.  But I think about bloggers that I read and respect, and they write on many different topics, are from all walks, and have all kinds of followers.  Other than regularly (where the word “regular” is very loosely defined) updating a website, there is very little that ties all these folks together.  Basically, anyone can do it.  If ever there was a group I could fit in with, this would be the group.  So why not.  I’m a blogger.

I think it’s still a thing where bloggers link to other blogs they like, so here goes:

Illustrated With Crappy Pictures – There are a whole host of funny mom blogs out there, but Amber Dusick takes the cake with her Crappy Pictures.  It is all so simple, yet so brilliant. Though I’m curious how she got in our house and drew cartoons about us. Either way, these always make me happy.


Speaking about things making me happy, I’m an avid Pop Culture Happy Hour listener, which makes me an automatic fan of NPR’s Pop Culture blog, Monkey See.  Most of the time written by Linda Holmes (though there are a host of other brilliant contributors), these articles usually remind me of mind-candy I’m missing in the US while living abroad, but with a strong enough of a dose of NPR-iness to make me still feel good about myself.

I love it when someone I know (like actually know, not just met one time) has a fun blog.  This is the case with Michael Peckerar and his Rant Lifestyle blog.  Michael is clever, sometimes irreverent, but always entertaining.  Despite his constant hate-affair with Upland, he’s an all-around good guy worth reading.  He also writes for Rant Sports.

BeerAdvocate – It is no secret I’m a fan of the beer.  BeerAdvocate is less of a blog and more of a forum for all things beer.  But I love their slogan “Respect Beer.” It says it all.

Blue Lady Blog – While living in Cambodia, I met Kounila Keo, a very brave, intelligent Cambodian woman blogger since 2007.  At a time when the country is waking up from 30+ years of dictator-induced slumber, Kounila has been encouraging free speech and expression amongst her blogging peers.



Musings from Ali G – What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t give a shout out to my big sis, who has been an inspiration in almost everything I do.


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