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Koh Kood


Have you ever gone on a vacation and not packed any pants?  The weather, the dress code, the activities, none of them needing anything more formal than a pair of board shorts and a t-shirt?  We just returned from Koh Kood, Thailand. And I didn’t pack any pants. It was niiiiiiiice!

In the middle of April every year, Cambodia takes three days to celebrate Khmer New Year, which means Phnom Penh empties as Cambodians flock to their home villages and expats take the opportunity to explore the region.  We took the easy drive up through Koh Kong and crossed over into Thailand with our car.  After an uneventful night in Trat, we caught a speedboat down to Koh Kood, a Thai island about 25 km long and 12 km wide.

We stayed at the Koh Kood Beach Resort, a sprawling property with stand alone bungalows and the only pool on the island.  There isn’t much to do on Koh Kood, which is exactly what were hoping for.  Our daily decisions revolved around whether to go to the beach or the pool (the pool won out considerably, since Shai was making most of the decisions), and whether to eat Thai food or Western food (both were delicious). 

We did take one adventure by renting a moto and driving around the island.  This was new for me, and basically, I was freaked out. I knew there wasn’t much to worry about, but the combination of no helmets, hilly roads, absolutely zero driving experience on two wheels, plus sharing the seat with a three-year-old and my pregnant wife… well, let’s just say I was taking it really easy.  That was fine with the passengers; they both loved taking in the breeze and viewing the scenery.  We went out to lunch, drove to the waterfall and went to a different beach.  It was great to get out and explore the island a bit.  Shai must have been comfortable enough on the moto, because after lunch on the way back to the hotel, he fell asleep.

On our way back into Cambodia, we stayed at the Koh Kong Resort, strangely haggard for being such a new hotel.  Despite being 200m inside the Cambodian border, all transactions at the hotel and casino happen in Thai Baht. I won enough Baht playing black jack to pay for our hotel room so I was happy.  And they did have a pool, so Shai was happy.  But I was not sad to say goodbye to the ants who had taken over our hotel room.

The final stop on our trip was to visit Peam Krasaop, an eco-tourism mangrove site that is one of the destinations of Ronit’s tourism value chain project in the Koh Kong province.  We cruised the raised platforms and watched the crabs dart around the mud before climbing a suspension bridge to the lookout tower. By the end, we were hot and sweaty, and ready for the long cool ride back to Phnom Penh.

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